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Mission Impossible

We represent an alliance of entrepreneurs who have successfully built businesses, grown them, and exited them.

The people behind these successes love what they do, and they got so good at the process they decided to form Stone Peak to help others.

Today, we work with entrepreneurs to achieve remarkable results, whether that's exponential growth of revenue or an M&A event. This is all done through unique, world-class strategies that aren’t in the mainstream. The average multiplier across our portfolio is ~10X, which blows away industry averages.

Our Story

Our team consists of successful entrepreneurs that have built their fortunes growing & selling businesses for a living. Today our founders take 25+ years of experience and invest in entrepreneurs that show remarkable promise and potential. 

We invest in people first, businesses second.

Frequently Asked Questions

We join our partners on a journey to achieve their goals. There are techniques we can offer right now to get your business ready for an acquisition (adding 10% to 50% more value in an exit just through our proprietary processes), but more than that we have unique ways we can bring strategic buyers to your doorstep. Combining the latest advances in software automation with a real-world personal touch, we're able to find deals in unexpected places. Beyond that, we specialize in negotiating (on your behalf) to extract the most value from a transaction. There are dozens and dozens of techniques that a potential buyer will introduce to "discount" the value of your business. Victory loves preparation, so we'll prepare you for all of these objections to sail through the due diligence process. This will protect the inherent valuation behind your business. We'll accentuate the growth potential of your business along with all the intangibles, like brand value and goodwill. Most powerfully, we'll create conditions to sponsor a bidding war over your company which will drive up the price towards the end of the process.

We only work with a select few companies each year. We like to focus on the few, not the many, as this keeps us laser focused on getting the most value out of selling companies like yours. This is one of the reasons our success rate is so much higher than other firms.

If you're just looking to sell your company then our costs are between 1/4 and 1/8 the cost of going with a business broker or an M&A firm. Plus, we add far more value through our proprietary techniques and processes, which can net business owners between 10% and 50% more personal wealth upon an exit event. We strive for less cost with more return.

Interesting fact - 80% of the income from most brokers comes from their upfront fees, not the sale of your business. That means that the vast majority of them fail to complete the task they were hired to do since they aren't receiving success fees. Our approach is entirely different - we are fanatical about success which is why almost all of our fees are backloaded. i.e., we only get paid if we're successful in selling your business.

We've even done deal where 100% of our fees are backloaded, with no upfront or ongoing risk to the business owner. Compare this to any broker or M&A firm, some of which charge US$30,000 per MONTH in fees, whether they sell your business or not!

Our firm specializes in working with businesses that are unique and finding the best way to position them for an ideal exit. We’re also very specialized in finding strategic partners and interested buyers – this is an area where we often succeed where 9/10 other firms fail.

The difference between our shop and other shops is that we seek out niche businesses, hand selecting them, because we’re very good at locating companies that are interested in niche solutions. Rather than take on dozens of companies and hope a few of them sell, we focus with a much smaller group of players. Niche markets may be harder to market to the masses, you’re absolutely right, but if you have the right techniques & strategies a company like ours can get much more value out of a company like yours, because you are unique.

It may be correct that we can’t help you – we definitely come across businesses that we can’t help and we’re upfront about that. But if you’re at a point in your life where you’re looking to sell anyway, is it worth a phone call to hear about some of the successes we’ve had with niche businesses and to tell us more about your company so we can see if there’s a fit? 

We can talk even if the timing isn't right for an exit. We join many partners on a long-term journey to achieve their goals, helping to find ways to accelerate the growth of the business along the way. We have a strong track record of driving 2X and 3X growth to revenue for companies like yours, all while providing processes to help make the phases of growth easier to tackle. Our process is proprietary, based on the success we've had with prior entrepreneurial ventures, and may help you accelerate results.

Also, it's worth noting that many entrepreneurs wait "until next year" to sell their business. It never seems like the right time to sell when the business is growing, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. No one wants to buy a business that isn't growing. By "waiting until next year" you run the risk of plateauing which cripples the value of your business.

The best time to sell a business is while it is growing. This allows you to sell into the promise of a bright future. If you lose that big contract or have a supplier that goes bankrupt or have a federal regulation hamper your ability to do business - all that value may start to crumble.

We can tell you how much your business is worth today. It's a free service. Feel free to reach out. We'll provide a free valuation and share perspectives on timing given your market position.

Unbelievable drive, tenacity, and the desire to win. When we partner with a company we become an unstoppable force focused on getting top dollar for your business.

We've all met those "A" Player, superstar employees. In all aspects of the business world, the top 5% of people drive 80% of new revenue. We recruited our team members from this specialized group of high achievers. These are people who have that special spark that separates them from the rest of the pack. This exceptional group of people allows us to do what other firms are simply incapable of achieving.

This is the most important transaction of your life. You need to work with superstars. People that will go to the end of the earth to get peak value for your business. We are those people. Don't buy it? Set up a free consultation, kick the tires, ask questions, and put us to the test. You'll quickly recognize that special spark that makes us the ideal group to help you sell your business.

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