What's the fastest way to grow your cashflow? By buying your competitors.

Business Plan

Grow your revenue & profit through business acquisitions

Stone Peak Acquisitions
Achieve 5X Growth in 3 - 5 Years

The fastest way to grow your company's revenue is to buy your competition and strategic partners. You can achieve 5X growth far faster this way than simply growing organically. 

Stone Peak as a Dedicated Partner

Leverage our team and our experitise to be your growth agents. Our group conducts a global search, using your preferred criteria, to find the perfect acquistion candidate. Weekly update meetings to review acquisition candidates ensure your goals remain on-track. 

Negotiation and Contracting

Stone Peak brings negotiation and contract expertise to the table on your behalf. This allows our team to keep deals moving forward and marching to close. Most clients find this to be more cost effective than using their own staff, especially if outside CPAs and lawyers are involved. 

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Focus Areas

Exit Events
Buying a Company
Sourcing Investors
Commercial Real Estate