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Fact - 88% of businesses that get listed for sale never sell. It takes a skilled partner to guide the sale of a company, and it takes an exit event specialist to maximize its value.

Let us unlock the wealth in your business.  

  • OWNER-CENTRIC VALUATION STRATEGIES - Our team calculates your company's valuation using multiple methods, cherry-picking the best approach to use for your exit. This includes Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Revenue & Profit Multipliers, Net Present Value, and others. This is a free service to qualified companies because we believe you should never have to pay for a valuation.
  • STRUCTURAL PERFECTION - M&A firms and brokers only focus on selling your company, which is only part of the equation. From the start we look at tax implications, structural engineering, and financial approaches to maximize the most important part of the transaction - the after-tax number that you, the owner, gets upon the sale of the business. Many business owners leave millions of dollars on the table by skipping this critical step - don't be one of them.
  • FOCUS ON STRATEGIC BUYERS - We conduct a global search for strategic buyers for all exit events. While other firms simply rely on their rolodex of contacts, we understand your business is unique and that it deserves a thorough global vetting of potential buyers coupled with a tireless attention to all the important details. Our goal is to find between 50 and 150 potential buyers in our search and narrow that list down to serious buyers. 
  • NEGOTIATION MASTERY - The most important part of the transaction is how masterfully it's negotiated. Our team has taught classes on corporate negotiations, sales negotiations, and contract negotiations for companies like Computer Sciences Corporation and Accenture. We understand how to position your company for the best possible exit - whether it's a $1M transaction or a $100M transaction. This process alone can improve a valuation by 10% to 40%. 
  • OBJECTION HANDLING - Our team understands the typical - and often random - objections that can surface during the sale of a business. Often times owners can address questions during the due diligence process and unknowingly hurt their valuation. We help owners proactively navigate these land mines and make the due diligence process smooth. 
  • BIDDING WAR - We have a proprietary process for creating a bidding war for businesses in specific industries that are in demand. This technique alone can boost the sale price by 30% to 50%, if not more. Leveraging this very powerful technique can add millions to an owner's pocket. 


The most important transaction of your life
Selling your business is the most important deal of your life. If executed well it will set you and your family up for life. If executed poorly you will regret it until the day you die. Our team has been on both sides of that transaction, having learned from massive successes and painful failures. These experiences ignited our passion to help others achieve wealth through the sale of their company. Now, we work with business owners to ensure their ideal exit is not just a dream but becomes a reality. 

Selling your company is a big decision
Deciding to sell is a gut-wrenching decison. We know because we’ve been there many times. It may feel counter-intuitive, but the best time to sell your business is when things are going well. A new buyer wants to know the business has room to grow and additional upside. This allows them to buy into the excitement of untapped potential. Unfortunately, most people wait until after their business is declining to start the exit process which hurts the valuation. It's never too early to start looking at your options and planning for the future. 

Strategic Buyers
There is a massive difference between a financial buyer and a strategic buyer. Financial buyers assess your business very scientifically - they only look at the numbers to determine the value of your business, then negotiate downwards. Strategic buyers, however, embrace the untapped potential of the business and are willing to pay much more for your company. That's why our process involves a custom-tailored, global search for strategic buyers for each and every company we touch.

Negotiation is key
The difference between a stellar exit and an average exit often comes down to negotiation. But an exit event is unlike any other type of sales process - you can be the best salesperson in the world and still negotiate a poor exit as you don't know the "tricks of the trade." A savvy strategic buyer can structure the deal in a way that hurts your upside. This is why having a partner in the exit process is critical. Our team has been through the exit process so many times that we've created a process and standard operating procedures around exit events. We negotiate the deal along side you to achieve results 25% - 40% higher than typical exits.

Leverage expertise from those that have been where you are
M&A firms and brokers are generalists. They engage dozens of companies at a time hoping a couple "bingo" each year. In truth, the majority of M&A firms close between 0 - 2 deals a year. Our model is entirely different. We only work with a select few businesses at a time, focusing entirely on their exit events. This is one of the reasons our success rates are so high. Focus on the few, not the many. 

Simply put, we can sell your business
We strive to be the best at what we do. Our team is highly specialized and focused. We work with business owners to get the best price and terms when they sell their business. 

Our expertise includes:

- Maximizing the probability of selling your business
- Achiving the ideal price and deal structure 
- Negotiating terms that meet 100% of your goals 
- Tenacious, relentless effort to achive your ideal exit


Here's what entrepreneurs have said about our results

"I know how to sell products, but am so thankful I engaged an expert. This process was far harder than I imagined going in and they made it easier."

"Having a partner throughout the exit process is the only way to go. I would not have been able to focus on the business without your team."

"I appreciate all the heavy lifting your team did. It was impressive how quickly you learned my business and the materials captured it nicely."


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