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Looking for an investor to take your company to the next level? It's critical that you find the appropriate fit, as bringing the wrong investor to the table can be a nightmare. 

We can help.

  • IDENTIFY THE NEED FOR FUNDING - Before reaching out to us for help, make sure you are extremely clear on your need for additional funding. What will you use the funds for? How do the funds support the strategic plan and the tactics? Can you outline a direct path for how the investment will drive additional revenue? It's critical you have this clearly defined.
  • NETWORK OF INVESTORS - For approved, qualified companies that meet our stringent guidelines, we will tap into a global network of investors to help you get funding. We can also guide you on the best way to pitch your message, especially if going after institutional investments rather than angel investments. Note - you need to have revenue of at least US$500K / year with established profit margins to be eligible for this service.
  • EXECUTION - Depending upon your industry and need for funding, we can assist in the execution of your plan. It's important that you demonstrate positive growth after receiving funding, especially if you'll require future capital raises. Otherwise, we can help you prepare for an exit event, even if it's years down the road, so the investors can realize a return on their investment.

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