88% of all businesses that get listed for sale never sell. Get your company in front of strategic and financial investors to achieve a deal of a lifetime. 

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Strategically Driving a Peak Exit

Leverage our global network and proprietary processes to find more strategic buyers than other firms in the M&A space. Up to 75% of prospective buyers may come from global entities unknown to you today, which can dramatically increase the number of offers on the table.

Leverage expert transaction negotiators with a track record of 10X multipliers across their portfolio of businesses sold over the past 20 years. We are passionate about getting you top dollar for your company. Our proven system can increase the final sale price of your business by 25% to 40%.

Our fees are tied to your acquisition event meaning our incentives are aligned. This makes Stone Peak a risk-free way to sell your business.

Tap into proven exit strategies that have worked for companies worth $1M, $10M, $75M, and even north of $100M. This is the most important transaction of your life - don't leave it to chance.


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Tactical Approach

Our team calculates your company's valuation using multiple methods, cherry-picking the best approach to use for your exit. This includes Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Revenue & Profit Multipliers, Net Present Value, and others. This is a free service to qualified companies because we believe you should never have to pay for a valuation.

M&A firms and brokers only focus on selling your company, which is only part of the equation. From the start we look at tax implications, structural engineering, and financial approaches to maximize the most important part of the transaction - the after-tax number that you, the owner, gets upon the sale of the business. Many business owners leave millions of dollars on the table by skipping this critical step - don't be one of them.

We conduct a global search for strategic buyers for all exit events. While other firms simply rely on their rolodex of contacts, we understand your business is unique and that it deserves a thorough global vetting of potential buyers coupled with a tireless attention to all the important details. Our goal is to find between 50 and 150 potential buyers in our search and narrow that list down to serious buyers.

The most important part of the transaction is how masterfully it's negotiated. Our team has taught classes on corporate negotiations, sales negotiations, and contract negotiations for companies like Computer Sciences Corporation and Accenture. We understand how to position your company for the best possible exit - whether it's a $1M transaction or a $100M transaction. This process alone can improve a valuation by 10% to 40%.

Our team understands the typical - and often random - objections that can surface during the sale of a business. Often times owners can address questions during the due diligence process and unknowingly hurt their valuation. We help owners proactively navigate these land mines and make the due diligence process smooth.

We have a proprietary process for creating a bidding war for businesses in specific industries that are in demand. This technique alone can boost the sale price by 30% to 50%, if not more. Leveraging this very powerful technique can add millions to an owner's pocket.

The right partner can help an entrepreneur break through obstacles and become a millionaire


Simply put, we can sell your business

We create a custom-tailored campaign to sell your business to a global network of strategic buyers. Most brokers or M&A firms rely on a stale list of contacts to find financial buyers of companies. This technique only works 12% of the time. We use unique, powerful techniques to sell your business for its peak value and negotiate the deal, from start to finish.

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