E-Commerce Mergers & Acquisitions

Our team can purchase or sell e-commerce and sales companies using existing network contacts


• Transactions with e-commerce technologies and online sales companies
• Accelerated growth of these companies and their sales
• Merging e-commerce into umbrella companies and larger organizations
• Evaluating companies and technologies for acquisition

Sample Transaction - Online Electronic Outreach Company

“Having started the business over 10 years ago, I felt it was time to move on so I engaged Stone Peak for guidance on how to take (company) to the next level so we are able to sell when the timing is right. After working with them for less than 6 months we have managed to more than double the company’s profits. Some of the key factors have been to focus the business, getting rid of unnecessary expenses and optimizing the use of our employees and outsourcing teams. With this new setup we have really positioned the business for growth and an international expansion, while as the CEO I’m able to spend more of my time working on the business instead of in it.”

(Company) is the leading SAAS email marketing platform in Sweden for SMB businesses, currently helping more than 35,000 users. We provide a platform for our users to manage contacts, create and send newsletters via email.

Founded in 2007 with an average increase in revenue of 30% per year over the last 5 years, (Company) has increased profits by an average of 100% per year. The company works mainly with an in-house development team and most of their growth comes from delivering high-quality products and providing outstanding customer support.

Owner Results: Doubled the profits of the company in less than 6 months and anchored the business for an exit. 

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