Oil & Gas and renewable energy Acquisitions

Our team can purchase or sell your company using existing network contacts


• Transactions up to $115M
• Purchase of energy companies
• Additional investments (Series A & B) in energy companies
• Accelerated growth of companies (organically and with add-on transactions)
• Sale of energy companies

Sample Transaction - Oil & Gas Company

The owner had a 20-year-old company in the oil & gas industry that was no longer growing due to declining oil prices. The owner’s goals were to increase the number of leads and ultimately the sales to the business. In less than 6 months, the teams were churning out leads so quickly that they had to “turn off the spigot” because the team members could not handle the volume. Response rates on sales campaigns were roughly 8% on the first reach out effort. At this stage, the funnel continues to grow. There are over 18,000+ individual decision makers identified and the number of sales pitches has increased 10X – 20X. 

Owner Results: Owner achieved their best growth year ever, after 20+ years of successful operations. Competing with global players such as Total, BP, and ExxonMobil and winning by outmaneuvering competition in the sales process.

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