Valuation Methodologies

You should never pay a fee to find out how much your company is worth. That's why we'll determine your valuation for free. Using five (5) different methodologies:

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)

Based on terminal value of the business and future cash flow 

Discounted Future Earnings

Based on Net Present Value of future profits & free cash flow

EBITDA Multiplier

Based on industry standard multipliers using EBITDA/EBIT

Revenue Multiplier

Based on industry standard multipliers using revenue

SDE Multiplier

Based on Seller's Discretionary Earnings (best for small businesses)


  1. BUSINESS VALUATION REPORT - Qualified businesses are eligible to receive a free business valuation from Stone Peak. This assessment will be conducted using the five (5) methodologies listed above. Stop wondering what your company is worth - take action now to determine if now is the time to sell your company and achieve your financial goals. This offer is available for companies with $500K or more in annual revenue. 
  2. PRE-SALE CHECKLIST - Did you know most owners leave hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, on the table when they negotiate their own exit event? These situatons can be avoided by following a clear-cut process, but these steps must be taken prior to receiving a formal offer. This checklist is available for every company that receives a valuation. 
  3. PLAN OF ACTION TO BOOST VALUE - No valuation is complete without a plan of action. Our team will provide you with guidance on what you can do, right away, to boost the value of your business in the eyes of the market. Concrete, tangible steps that you can execute right away. This is available whether or not you choose to work with our firm on an exit event - all risk-free.
  4. INSTANT COST SAVINGS - To demonstrate our negotiation prowess we will perform a cost-free analysis of your current environment, including data, voice, cloud, and managed services. Then, we propose a future state with an average of 20 - 40% cost savings, technology improvements, and consolidated billing. The only inputs we need from you are your existing contracts and most recent invoices. And yes, this is also included at no cost.

Valuations are higher today than they have been in over a decade. Contact our team to find out how much your business is worth in the market. Plus, get access to our pre-sale checklist to avoid the top 10 mistakes business owners make when selling their businesses. This information can save business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars, or millions, upon the sale of a business.


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